CAPS Anti-trust Policy

The purpose of this CAPS Research event is to provide supply executives with the opportunity to learn from presentations, breakouts, and from each other. Because the participants represent firms that may compete with one another, it is important that we adhere to the agenda and avoid any discussions or conversations that may not be appropriate. We all wish to comply with antitrust laws and we should strive to avoid even the appearance of improper comments or behavior.

It is the express policy and intention of CAPS Research to comply at all times with all antitrust laws, and in furtherance of this policy, no activity or program will be sponsored or conducted by CAPS Research that in any manner whatsoever will be a violation of the antitrust laws.


The following are basic antitrust guidelines that CAPS Research prescribes for any CAPS Research-sponsored meeting or event. It is not appropriate to discuss:

  1. Current or future prices.
  2. What constitutes fair profits.
  3. Possible increases or decreases in prices.
  4. Standardization or stabilization of prices.
  5. Pricing procedures.
  6. Cash discounts.
  7. Credit terms.
  8. Control of sales.
  9. Allocation of markets, and freight allowances.
  10. Specific contract terms used with suppliers.
  11. Plans or strategies to award or remove business from a particular supplier.
  12. Refusal to deal with a corporation or individual because of its pricing or marketing practices.
  13. Confidential information or trade secrets.

These guidelines apply equally to discussions that occur during event sessions as well as during breaks, meals, and social activities.

All participants are encouraged to promptly object to any question, comment, or discussion that they do not believe is appropriate for this meeting.

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