Did you know that CAPS corporate members can request surveys on topics of importance to their organization? Or that they can suggest research projects for the coming year and be active participants in the ideation? Or that if CAPS members want to explore a specific issue or initiative of importance to the organization, we'll facilitate a benchmarking call with other member companies with experience in the area?

Basically, our members own their membership experience, and if you're unsure where to start or want to talk about specific ways in which we can help you advance your supply management strategy, please reach out. Reply to this email and we'll put you in touch with the best team member to explore the full extent of your membership benefits. And if you're not at one of our CAPS member companies and want to learn more, we'd be happy to hear from you as well.


Quick fact: Procurement Training

63% of participants in a recent survey indicated their company requires and/or encourages supply management certification. Interestingly, 78% of companies in this subset do not measure the contribution of certifications to the organization. The full report is available now in the CAPS Knowledge Central Library. 

Procurement Training

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Surveys are for both members and non-members. We love your data, and in exchange, everyone who completes a survey receives a complimentary copy of its metric report. That said, CAPS members get extra love: breakout reports and custom survey opportunities. Email us at  metrics@capsresearch.org to participate.

Note: If you are signed-up to receive surveys from CAPS, please add capsresearch@qualtrics-research.com and metrics@capsresearch.org to your safe sender list or visit Microsoft's instructions on adding emails to the inbox-safe list.  

Utilities Industry – Supply Management Performance - closes August 28

Surveys in the pipeline: 
Cloud-Based Catalogues
Supplier Audits and Assessments
Human Rights and the Supply Chain

CAPS events

CAPS member events are where our benchmarking and research come to life while attendees create powerful networks that support them in their supply management evolution. Take full advantage of membership and join us for an event. 

September 20: Supplier Safety co-hosted with Bechtel Corporation | Reston, Virginia
October 16-17: CAPS Supply Management Roundtable – North America | Scottsdale, AZ

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Procurement Training Report 2018 
Talent: Is Your Team Ready for 2020?

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CAPS in the news

CAPS is often cited in the media for our research findings, benchmarking metrics, and supply management expertise. We often share these stories on our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, so be sure to follow us with the social links at the bottom of this email. Here's a story from the last month of CAPS in the media:

  • 2018 Healthcare Supply Chain Trends/Issues: Eugene Schneller, director of the CAPS-HSRC industry advisory group, discusses findings of the annual health sector trends survey. The findings explore cost management, integration, technology, management, organization, health system reform, supplier relationship management, and value-based purchasing. 


CAPS Research corporate members hail from around the globe. Their membership fees enable us to provide practitioner-focused research and benchmarking services, and peer-to-peer networking events, in effective and powerful ways for you. We also offer benchmarking opportunities for smaller companies. Please contact Rick Boyle if you'd like to learn more.

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